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April 16 

Past lives, blueprints, regression and how it helps

My guest is 

TIANNA ROSER CCHT is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Author and Certified Clinical Hypnotist specializing in Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Awakening Transformation: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Your Higher Self.

I'm waiting for the 4/16 interview to post on BBTV format!

April 30

Awareness & Compassion

My guest is Rita Desnoyers=Garcia, a life coach, author of The Self-Compassion Project

Rita helps women align with their purpose and offers well-grounded and practical advice. She is a light.

New Jersey


April 23

Sound, vibration, healing

My guest is a woman I've known for years. I can't wait for Ruth to share her amazing information about sound healing. I've experienced her sessions and find they are transformative!

My New Jersey cohort:

Ruth Ratliff, vibrational sound therapist and voice professional

shares her wisdom.

author of The Voice of Women's Wisdom

May 7

Removing Blocks

Camille Ganir, trance channel for Arch Angel Michael, divine light beings, including Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, and Metatron, Gaia, Madame Pele - Goddess of the Volcano, the Dragons, and more recently, Galactic Beings such as Pleiadians, Arcturians, and the Lemurians and most recently, the Hathors.

May 14

Loving Your Pets

My guest is Mary Crawford, The Joy of Being Well

Energy healing for people and pets working with guides, angels, and tapping.

May 21

Mood, Food, and Joy

My guest is Kara Fragale

Karabout your Body,

Holistic practitioner,certified master herbalist, fitness expert, Healthy chef.

How health can impact your mood.
This dynamo is a NJ resident.

This episode is pre-recorded

April 9

What is a medium?

My fascinating guest, NJ resident, Chris Lippincott.
The Montclair medium


watch it below.

May 28

Walking in Light

My guest is Roshni Sharma- Fleming, from Canada, assists with diabetic counseling, Reiki, holistic services for women, and oils

 Still Fire Healing

See her interview me here

June 4

Animal totems, Past lives, Regression

My guest is 

Reverend Dr. Elena Skyhawk

shamanic journeying, dream interpretation, Shaman’s Touch Healing, LaHo Chi Healing, soul retrieval or past life regression session with Elena,.

Spiritual Shaman

June 11

My guest is Karen Kubicko-Past life regression, psychic intuitive, author Reiki Master, certified hypnotist.

Watch an intro here

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