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Experience a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing session with me. Dress for comfort and arrive a few minutes early to fill out an intake form if this is your first session this year.

Your session will be unique and unlike any other, based upon my experience, intuition and training.

My office is air-conditioned, but please text 908-798-3427 an hour prior if you prefer an outdoor Reiki session. Enjoy a one-hour session of healing and relaxation. 

Reiki Session-IN PERSON


    Enjoy a relaxing one-hour Reiki session while being fully clothed and comfortable. I place hands allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to calm you. Reiki is used in many local hospitals to assist with pain management, healing, and stress management. 

    Please e-mail to book  your appointment with me.  Reiki is taxable. (total is $90)


    Please show up on time to your session. I value your time and mine. If you cancel. No refunds. If you cancel 24 hours prior, you can use your payment toward a rescheduled session.

  • Please reschedule if you have a cold,flu, or cough

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